more about us

We started off in the fashion industry eight years ago with our own African Inspired Collection that was showcased on behalf of the South African Government in Turin, Italy.

As a company we have always focus on job creation and woman empowerment. 

Our workforce is predominantly made up off woman that we have taken in from difficult personal situations. 

We focus on giving single mom's and woman with learning dissabilities an oppurtunity to make a difference

Since 2015 we have grown from a company that had mainly focused on fashion to a company that now manufactures and supplies fashion, sportswear, linen, curtains, artwork and accessories to various Hotel Groups as well as offering our own high quality products to the public via our own online platform.

We also supply the Health Care Industry with quality textile products where we have seen a huge amount of growth to the company

KDCD is a global company that has a large local footprint.

Meet The Team


Hilton Watson

Managing Director

Elzaan Smith

Elzaan Smith

Creative Director

KDCD was founded by Elzaan Smith due to a desire to educate and improve the lives of single mothers living in and around Carletonville. Most of the employees at  KDCD come from the SAVF’s Deurgangshuis, which assists women from domestic abusive households. As a survivor herself, Elzaan felt passionate about supporting women from her community.

I really wanted to help as I have also
been through a difficult separation and could just as
well have ended up there myself if it had not been for
my excellent support network.

KDCD is co-owned by Mr. Hilton Watson who saw the potential and vision of Elzaan to make KDCD flourish and therefore invested in the first three industrial sewing machines. Mr. Hilton has played a supportive and vital role in KDCD ever since. Through the assistance of the Small Enterprises Development Agency (SEDA) to trademark KDCD, it is now known as KDCD Group of Companies which consist of KDCD Health Care, KDCD Transport, KDCD Linen, KDCD CMT and more recently, KDCD Home.



KDCD designs and manufactures World Class ladies’ fashions, coats and bags as well as supplying boutiques and the hospitality industry with quality designs and linen. KDCD has also extended their services to provide the health care industry with medical grade products, PPE and linen. KDCD  also provides CMT (Cut, Make & Trim) for other clients, eliminating the need for them to manufacture in other countries like China. More recently, KDCD has extended their linen products towards providing the public with home decor through an online shopping platform as well as offering transportation services to clients and distributors.

KDCD is a passionately South African company that takes pride in their community